sharing the same wireless interface

Dénes Németh mr.nemeth.denes
Wed Mar 20 10:58:11 PDT 2013


Could you help me to figure out if it is possible to use hostapd in
the following situation:

I would like to connect to the Internet using the wifi interface, and
share the Internet connection
using the same wireless card. Is this possible?

If I set the main wireless interface in the hostapd config file than
the wireless connection to the internet breaks (the Internet
connection is managed by network manager)

If I create a secondary interface using
iw phy phy0 interface add wlan1 type managed

and set this as the interface for hostapd it fails with
Could not read interface wlan1	 flags: No such device

from the ifconfig and /proc/net/dev persective the wlan0 and wlan1
looks the same with the
exception of the MAC address..

Thanks Denes

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