EAPOL issue when switching between SSIDs

David Bird david
Wed Oct 24 09:55:13 PDT 2012


There is an issue with associating to SSIDs using WPA when there are
multiple SSIDs being controlled by hostapd and when you are switching
between SSIDs. When processing the EAPOL packet, the array of virtual
APs (iface->bss) is searched looking for the station that sent the
packet in order to identify which signal context should be used during
processing. The first signal with the station in it's list gets used in
the ieee802_1x_receive() function. However, even after a station has
disassociated from a signal, it remains in that signals list of stations
pending an inactivity timeout. This leads to the wrong signal context
(one where the station had already disassociated) being used in some
cases (if the current/active bss entry appears in the list AFTER one
where the station has just disassociated from) for EAPOL processing. The
attached patch checks for the WLAN_STA_ASSOC flag before assuming it
found the 'right' signal context for the given station. 

Signed-hostap: David Bird <dbird at powercloudsystems.com>

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