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Wed Oct 24 08:13:21 PDT 2012

Thank you!

Clear. Then I have to use hostapd.git with kernel 3.0.48 at least.

Do you have some approximate date for release 2.x? (weeks, months, years)

2012/10/24 Jouni Malinen <j at>:
> On Wed, Oct 24, 2012 at 03:41:26PM +0300, Eugene wrote:
>> How to determine hostapd requirements to the Linux kernel?
> In theory, any version of hostapd is supposed to work with any Linux
> kernel version. Sure, there may be some combination that have issues,
> but the goal is for the kernel interface to be stable and to maintain
> backwards compatibility.
>> I just want to use netlink message "NL80211_CMD_FRAME" for management
>> frame transmission in AP mode which is not supported in version 1.0.
> That is quite different than question on requirements in general.. For
> new functionality, obviously both the kernel and hostapd need to be new
> enough to include the functionality in question (and as far as hostapd
> is concerned, if the functionality is not in 1.0, the only option you
> have is a snapshot from the 2.x development branch, i.e., the master
> branch of hostap.git).
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