wpa-supplicant not auto-connecting

Ben dar
Sun Oct 7 18:11:12 PDT 2012


Two issues. One is the reason I subscribed, the second meta/a list issue. 

1) I've got a RaspPi, with a realtek based wifi dongle. That thing is recognized correctly and works fine to the best of my knowledge. 
If I power up that thing it won't connect to any wifi network though. I can 'fix' the situation by logging on (using ethernet or keyboard/monitor/a local console) and invoking 'reassociate' via wpa_cli. 
I consider that a proof of
- the fact that the hardware works (reliable connection from this point on) 
- my configuration being mostly sensible (it connects to a local WPA2 network without issues, without changing a thing). 

Any idea what I could miss that prevent a successful association directly after boot? Without human interaction? 

2) While trying to find a solution I stumbled upon this list. I tried to subscribe and got the usual 'confirm your subscription' mail. 
Unfortunately a reply to that mail bounces with a 'user unknown' message. The only way to confirm a subscription is using the web link. Which is..  unconventional and contradicts the text in that mail about being able to just reply in most mail clients. Any list admin willing to check/fix that? 

Thanks for any suggestions and regards, 
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