hostapd-1-rc3: Wireless lags and unstable connection

Valeriy Kucherenko darkside_ua
Thu Apr 26 07:37:27 PDT 2012

Hm... Notebook currently powered from AC adapter. Just checked powersaving plans - Wireless adapters in AC mode set to Maximum performance. 
I'm just connect notebook with ethernet cable directly to my Home-Made-AP-Router and disabled wi-fi - the problem gone away - ping always 1ms without any spikes. But... this is not a solution.
So, guess the problem not in background tasks - I'm even disable Kaspersky Internet Security while testing those :)

> 2012/4/26 Valeriy Kucherenko <darkside_ua at>:
> > What is PS mode?
> powersave mode.
> > It's in normal mode and I'm interacting with them while testing.
> >
> > Interesting news.
> > I just connected my Android phone to AP and start pinging both Win7 client and Phone client. So, ping to phone is clear and shows 2-3ms without any spikes, but the Win7 client show spikes every 1 minute 10 sec.
> So the Win7 client might enter PS mode every 70 seconds, for example
> to do a background scan ...
> Helmut

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