wpa_supplicant in ad-hoc mode, using wpa on a Linux 3 kernel

Dan Williams dcbw
Mon Apr 16 08:45:31 PDT 2012

On Wed, 2012-04-11 at 01:12 +0200, Roland Koebler wrote:
> Hi,
> > Is it at all possible ? iwconfig and kismet confirm that I keep sending
> > in plaintext mode, even when I set a 'psk' in the wpa_supplicant config.
> I would also be *very* interested in this. I tried it, but unfortunately
> was not successful.
> So, is it possible at all to run a WPA encrypted ad-hoc network with Linux?
> > The board is an Alix board, Voyage linux 0.8, 3.0 kernel. Device is a
> > WLM54AG (atheros).
> My device was an USB-WLAN-Stick with Ralink chipset (Ralink 3070L, driver rt2800usb).

WPA1 + Ad-Hoc has been broken for all in-kernel nl80211-based drivers
(rt2x00, iwlwifi, ath5k, ath9k, etc) for a long time, since 2.6.32 at
least and possibly earlier.  It's unlikely to be fixed unless somebody
wants to work on it.  Symptom is that the network will be created as
"open", not WPA-protected.


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