No user traffic through wlan0

Erich Titl erich.titl
Thu Sep 15 05:06:07 PDT 2011


New to this list, so please let me know if this is the right place.

I have an embedded distro with a Wistron 9CM
Atheros based card and ath5k driver installed. I want to use this set up
to connect to a WRK54GH for testing purposes. The final goal is to
develop a web based tool to configure the Wifi client instance to
connect to basically any available AP to have an uplink to the net.

After lots of sweat and tears I finally understood the necessity to have
wpa_supplicant to get an association with WPA2-PSK.

My wpa_supplicant.conf file is very simple



Now here is the catch....

- I can associate fine with the AP
- DHCP assigns an address to wlan0 and installs a default route


If I try to ping the WRT54GH I see arp requests going out which are
never replied to, therefore the packets will never be sent.

If I try the same with a laptop under Windoze 7 everything works as

Any ideas



- DHCP assigns an address and

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