[PATCH 1/2] p2p: disable 11b rates only on p2p interface creation

Johannes Berg johannes
Sun Sep 4 10:41:32 PDT 2011

On Sat, 2011-09-03 at 22:21 +0530, Rajkumar Manoharan wrote:
> 11b rates are disabled blindly during p2p init based on driver
> capability. This prevents use of CCK rates where p2p is not in
> use. This patch disables 11b rates during the p2p interface
> setup and also removes the disable_11b from global.

This looks OK to me, but I have no idea if it breaks anything for other,
non-open-source, driver wrappers... :-)

Also I guess there will be a philosophical question as to whether or not
the 11b disabling should be implicit (in driver_nl80211.c) or explicit
(as it was before).


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