Help about using Linux as authenticator

Julien Iguchi-Cartigny julien.cartigny
Fri Mar 19 08:09:15 PDT 2010

More precisely: is it a way to use hostapd in wire environment ?




On 03/17/2010 09:38 PM, Julien Iguchi-Cartigny wrote:
> Hi,
> U'm not sure it is the right mailling list but I don't know where to ask
> this question.
> For experimental purposes, I want to use a Linux station as 802.1X
> authenticator in a wire environment. Several interfaces of the Linux
> stations are in bridge mode, so when a cable is connected to one of the
> card, only EAP packets are authorized to some authentication server (on
> the linux station or on another computer in the local network).
> It is a very specific usage (mostly for educationnal purposes), so I
> don't know if such software exists (maybe a simple program which
> listen on some interfaces and acts on iptables could be the only solution).
> Cheers,
> julien.
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