eapol_test retransmits 10 times

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Thanks, Jouni.

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On Mon, Mar 15, 2010 at 01:21:02PM -0700, R C wrote:

> My eapol_test retransmits 10 times even though i set the
> RADIUS_CLIENT_MAX_RETRIES to 0. How can i avoid it retransmitting 10
> times? It retransmits 10 times totally, once every 3 seconds. Following is taken from src/radius/radius_client.c from wpa_supplicant.

> /* Defaults for RADIUS retransmit values (exponential backoff) */
> #define RADIUS_CLIENT_FIRST_WAIT 3 /* seconds */
> #define RADIUS_CLIENT_MAX_WAIT 120 /* seconds */
> #define RADIUS_CLIENT_MAX_RETRIES 0 /* maximum number of retransmit attempts
>                                       * before entry is removed from retransmit
>                                       * list */
> #define RADIUS_CLIENT_MAX_ENTRIES 0 /* maximum number of entries in retransmit
>                                       * list (oldest will be removed, if this
>                                       * limit is exceeded) */

The current implementation does not like RADIUS_CLIENT_MAX_ENTRIES = 0
value at all, i.e., it depends on being able store at least one entry
even if it would not actually end up being used for a retry. Just
changing the RADIUS_CLIENT_MAX_RETRIES value and leaving everything else
unmodified should be enough. It may not currently prevent all retries,
but it did seem to limit retries when the max entries limit was not

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