nl80211 driver problem

Holger Schurig holgerschurig
Mon Jul 19 06:09:01 PDT 2010

> See below for output of debug (-d and -dd)

I must be blind, I don't see any -d or -dd attachment.

> I have gone to network manager and disabled wireless.  Is there another way
> to make sure it isn't using the card?

Stopping it?

Also, I gave you the tip to use "ifconfig -a". Does "wlan0" show up?  Maybe it 
has been renamed because of some udev-rule, e.g. to wlan1 or whatever.

> Is using b43 part of the problem?

Not that I know off. b43 is a bit whacky and I'd suggest that any serious WLAN 
user would boycott Broadcom. Use any of the vendors that work together with 
the Linux community, e.g. Atheros or Intel. Broadcom doesn't do this, so b43 
is a result of much blood and sweet and reverse-engineering.

But a bug in reverse engineering won't let "wlan0" vanish.

> Perhaps you could give me instructions on
> how to unload that driver and load a different one "nl80211"?

No, I don't know your distribution. Also, there's only one nl80211 based 
"driver". nl80211 isn't actually a driver, it's a programmers API. It 
describes how userspace (e.g. hostapd, wpa_supplicant, iw) can talk to the 
wireless network software stack that resides in the kernel. There's no need 
nor any sense in unloading nl80211 and loading "a different one".

> FYI - I don't know how to compile then install...  I'll try, but I'll need
> very specific instructions and code to type in.

Don't do this right now. Make the simple steps first. Several people asked you 
to provide debug output. Just do this.


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