Required Authentication time for EAP-TLS method

Vijay Swami vijayswami1
Sun Dec 26 06:20:28 PST 2010

   I have few observation on wpa supplicant behavior on different platforms.
I am using wpa supplicant on Windows CE and WIndows XP. I am using EAP TLS
method to authenticate with free RADIUS server. On WinCE authentication
happens in 4-5 sec, but on WinXP it takes nore than 10-14 sec. Some time
even more than that. I tried by defining CONFIG_USE_NDISUIO flag and without
that flag also. But i got the same result with both.
   I think if i define that flag then NDIS driver will be used directly. And
if it is not defined all the driver related operation will be managed by
Packet.dll. every time authentication time varies.
   Authentication happens within few secs. But i can see that connection is
established after few seconds of authentication. Why it takes so much time
to show that connection is established?
 Can anybody tell me , is it the correct behavior? Is it possible to reduce
authentication time? for this do i need to set any parameter in the code?? I
want to use EAP TLS metod only.

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