PEAP and IP/mask/gateway/dns attributes from RADIUS

Alan DeKok aland
Thu Dec 23 06:04:09 PST 2010

newuse at wrote:
> Hi all, I have find out that RADIUS server could also send Framed-Route, MS-Primary-DNS-Server, MS-Secondary-DNS-Server, Framed-IP-Address  attributes. And could  hostapd correctly handel with this attributes? I mean could hostapd send DHCP-like reply to AP-clients with this parameters?
> I was trying to setup FreeRADIUS:
> But windows wi-fi client could not get network address :(

  It will not work.  Access points don't send that information to the
supplicant, even if it is in the Access-Accept.

  You *must* use DHCP.

  Alan DeKok.

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