handle_deauth&disassoc / hostapd_notif_disassoc code duplication

Johannes Berg johannes
Fri Dec 3 04:00:35 PST 2010


I'm looking to solve some event problems we have currently hacked around
by calling special functions in handle_deauth and handle_disassoc. We
want to be notified over dbus when a peer is disconnected, so 

While doing so, I notice that we handle the case of EVENT_DISASSOC and
EVENT_DEAUTH (their AP versions I mean!) correctly.

Looking at the code, there appears to be some duplication between all
these functions.

So I'm wondering if it'd be possible to have handle_deauth()
handle_disassoc() call wpa_supplicant_event() instead of doing
everything themselves. handle_deauth() maps nicely (except it does more
notification than hostapd_notif_assoc?), but handle_disassoc() doesn't
map quite so nicely.

Are there any driver wrappers that call EVENT_DISASSOC in AP mode at
all? It seems that if the driver handles auth/assoc then it should call
EVENT_ASSOC and EVENT_DEAUTH, but no others...? If there are, I guess we
need a new event or so ...


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