EAPOL Key Timeout 1/4

Daniel Rönnqvist kdronnqvist
Wed Oct 14 00:11:00 PDT 2009


I feel a bit stupid now =) The problem I specified in yesterdays post
"Hostapd bridge problem using nl80211" is showing itself even when
running without a bridge.

So my questions are:

* Is hostapd from git supposed to work with nl80211 (with a bcm4306 rev3)?

* What does "deauthenticated due to local death" mean?

* The only messages i see with tshark during the authentication
process is "EAPOL Key" and some "LLC" messages coming from the client
MAC. The hostapd log says EAPOL Key Timeout on handshake 1/4. Is this
enough to guess what ballpark my problem is in?


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