BUG? I can reproduce "Association request to the driverfailed"at will

Marcin Marzec etagh
Tue Oct 13 04:36:37 PDT 2009

> Are trying to use AP or station (or both)?
Both, i have 2 AP on hostapd with ath5k (from 2.6.31 kernel) and STA with 
wpa_supplicant (also ath5k).

> I've only tested with ath9k (and well, mac80211_hwsim), but it has been
> a while since I last tested this.. The AP side functionality should be
> more or less complete; the STA side is unlikely to handle some roaming
> cases correctly with mac80211 currently.

So what you propose instead of using mac80211, or maybe some roaming cases 
are working to make simple transition from one AP to another with 802.11r 
functionality (im trying to roam STA with WPA-PSK security).

Marcin Marzec 

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