My new netbook can't connect to Linux access point serving with hostapd

Mekabe Ramein mrmrmrmr
Mon Mar 23 11:04:35 PDT 2009

I have a Linux access point which is serving my home network using the
hostapd daemon.
Until last week, I was very happy with it using version 5.8 because all of
my clients (Windows XP) were able to connect to my WPA2-PSK network.

However, on my new netbook (MSI Wind U100) I decided to use Ubuntu and I am
unable to connect to the Linux access point.

On the access point I have an Atheros wireless mini pci card.

On the netbook I have Realtek's 8187se card and I have two working drivers
for it.

With both drivers, I can connect to many commercial wireless access points
serving WPA2, using 802.11B
As a side note, If I select 802.11G on these commercial APs , I can't
connect with my Realtek card.
Anyway, I have no objection to using 802.11B.
But on my home network, I can't connect even using "hw_mode=b" on the
hostapd.conf file.

I tried many settings of the hostapd.conf file but I still can not connect.
I even upgraded to hostapd version 6.8 (from 5.8) but that did not solve the

When I check hostapd logs, I see "EAPOL-key timeout" messages.
If you require, I can send full logs too.

I don't know if this is a bug or a misconfiguration problem.
Can anyone help me solve this issue ?

If I have to submit as a bug, please tell me so.

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