Update WiFi Protected Setup (WPS) patch

Chuck Tuffli Chuck.Tuffli
Wed Apr 29 14:05:33 PDT 2009

This is a fairly large update to the 0.5.10 patch and a small
modification to the documentation. There are a handful of bugs fixes,
but the major enhancment is fussiness. The code that parses the WPS (*)
messages now checks that a) the message contains all required elements
b) all elements are in the required order c) messages don't include
extra elements and d) the supplied data passes some basic sanity and
size checks. If any of these checks fail, the EAP code takes the
appropriate action.

On the surface, this sounds great, but in reality, it causes problems in
certain testing situations. Therefore, there is a new configuration
option (wps_strict_check) that determines if the supplicant should take
corrective action (wps_strict_check=1) or not (wps_strict_check=0). For
reasons I don't want to go into, the desired "out of the box" behavior
is to have strict checking off. But the assumption is that strict
checking *would* be enabled in day to day usage.

Ideally, this patch should be against 0.5.11, but I don't have the
bandwidth at the moment to do it and want to encourage people to move to
the 0.6.x code. That said, if someone does decide to make a version of
this patch for 0.5.11, I'd be happy to do some testing and post the
patch on SF.

As always, you can find the latest patch on SourceForge



* Yes, I know I should technically be calling this WSC now, but I don't
want to confuse everyone

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