802.1x wired configuration

Alan DeKok aland
Tue Aug 19 22:26:11 PDT 2008

ryanhamasaki wrote:
>    My point is, according to the 802.1x funtionality,uers can't get
> access through the authenticator to internet unless they enter the right
> username and password. But my test shows whatever i enter the key or
> even i don't do anything the client still can get access to internet.

  This control is a function of the switch.  The switch normally refuses
to forward traffic from the port to the internet until 802.1x has been
successfully completed.

>    I'm not sure if i miss something else important to set up the 802.1x
> port-control funtionality.

  It's likely that you have set up your network so that the machine
doing 802.1x can still access the internet, even if 802.1x
authentication has failed.

  Alan DeKok.

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