802.1x wired configuration

ryanhamasaki ryanhamasaki
Tue Aug 19 18:17:18 PDT 2008

   I'm working in a project using 802.1x authentication, we setup an enviorment with a linux pc(Ubuntu 8.04) with hostapd(1:0.5.9-1) as a authenticator,and an external radius server using freeradius and mysql on another Linux pc.All the network connection is wired.
   My point is, according to the 802.1x funtionality,uers can't get access through the authenticator to internet unless they enter the right username and password. But my test shows whatever i enter the key or even i don't do anything the client still can get access to internet.
   I'm not sure if i miss something else important to set up the 802.1x port-control funtionality.
   BTW,i wanna konw how to setup a right hostapd configuration in a wired network.
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