Using hostapd in Astlinux

Philip Prindeville philipp_subx
Thu Aug 14 16:51:04 PDT 2008

Given the lack of response, I'm going to conclude that you can't have 
multiple BSSID's associated with different VLANs on the same radio h/w 
then...  Too bad.  Guess I shouldn't have been so quick to mothball that 
Cisco AP1240 if it can do something that Linux can't.


Philip Prindeville wrote:
> Hi.
> I'm one of the maintainers of the upcoming Astlinux 0.5 distro, and I'm
> trying to get some canned configurations working with hostapd (0.5.10)
> that we can ship.
> We'll try to upgrade to 0.6 after we ship this new release.
> My questions are about having multiple WLAN cards, or having a single
> WLAN card but running multiple BSSID's on it, with each BSSID having
> it's own associated wired network, radio interface, VLAN # (optionally),
> authentication method, and authentication credentials (WEP or WPA
> keys/passphrases).  We'd also like to be able to control things like
> whether broadcast SSIDs are on or off.
> I'm not a Wifi guru, so I'd appreciate some assistance coming up with
> the canned configs (the end-user will select one of these canned configs
> via a menu).
> Is what we're trying to do plausible?  Are there any existing sample
> configs we could use as a starting point?
> Thanks,
> -Philip

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