Fwd: Messed up PCMCIA firmware

Madhusudan Singh singh.madhusudan
Mon Aug 4 08:57:06 PDT 2008

Hello Pavel,

Thanks for your response.

I will research the matter further as I promised in my prior email (none of
my statements therein were an invitation to "convince" me of anything). Or
even asking anyone else to research anything.

It might surprise you (given the consistently gratuitous snarky tone of some
of your comments) but most of us are capable of thinking for ourselves. Most
of us get on these public lists for getting some technical expertise (which
comes from experience, which you have in spades), not for finding out that
you are a busy man (which is a given).

An average educated man on the street is not necessarily dumber than a
fellow with a Ph. D. in computer science, the only thing he lacks is
specialized knowledge in that specific field of study.

I merely included the details so that I could get a technical response,
which you did provide (thanks !!). You can save your time and much bandwidth
in future by just responding to them, instead of delving into details of
your busy schedule, which in any case, is none of anyone's business but your

With regards.
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