which ioctl in driver takes WPA-TKIP passphrase?

Bryan Kadzban bryan
Tue Feb 20 19:06:30 PST 2007

Dan Williams wrote:
> You don't push the passphrase to the driver, you hash the passphrase 
> with wpa_passphrase to get the key and you push the key down to the 
> driver using SIOCSIWENCODEEXT.  Drivers certainly shouldn't be
> accepting passphrases unless they are smoking really, really unholy
> crack.

Is even the key accepted by the driver?  I thought the client needed to
generate a key from the passphrase, then do a 4-way handshake with the
AP using that key, to get a temporal key, and then finally program the
temporal key into the driver.  (Then it has to do a group handshake to
get the group key as well, although WPA2 does this during the second
half of the 4-way handshake.  Either way, the client needs to program
the group temporal key into the driver as well.)

And in any case, if you don't do the 4-way handshake after associating,
then the AP will either disconnect you, or not let you pass any traffic.

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