Intel 2200 Mini-PCI + hostapd

Fred Leeflang fredl
Fri Feb 9 11:04:34 PST 2007

Pavel Roskin wrote:
> There is also support for Devicescape stack (d80211) based drivers, but
> it's hard to compile to put it mildly.  The best bet would be to compile
> hostapd against an older kernel that actually had the headers hostapd
> needs.  Or take the current wireless-dev.git kernel and pick the stuff
> needed for compilation one-by-one.
That's interesting that you'd say that. Older kernel? Am I
interpreting that wrong or is hostapd kind of obsoleted?
> The Broadcom driver for d80211 supports the AP mode, but I've never had
> any success with it.
Hmm, so that's the criterium is it, that the NIC driver
supports AP mode. Well at least that makes asking for
something in a kernel developers list easier then.

I just replied earlier to Brix that I misunderstood
about the card I ordered being a 2200, since it's a
2100. I guess that doesn't make a huge difference?


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