[Madwifi-devel] Static wep keys not set

Pavel Roskin proski
Thu Apr 12 19:12:28 PDT 2007


As it turns out, it was just a bug in MadWifi, and nothing else.  It
wasn't a wrong interpretation of the standard.  It wasn't meant to fail.

MadWifi has crypto modules responsible for particular cryptographic
algorithms.  The code to probe for the necessary module was missing in
some functions, which caused the key not to be set.  If the module is
already loaded, hostapd would set the key correctly.

I've committed the fix as revision 2274 in MadWifi, so it should be in
the next version of MadWifi.

In the meantime, the workaround is to run "modprobe wlan_wep" before
hostapd.  The TKIP and CCMP modules would load automatically.

Setting privacy before the key could be a workaround too, but if anyone
is going to implement it, it should be limited to the madwifi interface
in hostapd.

Pavel Roskin

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