Not using modified module

Bob Beers bob.beers
Thu Apr 12 08:28:19 PDT 2007

On 4/12/07, ahuguet at <ahuguet at> wrote:
> > try explicitly adding
> > "INSTALL_MOD_DIR=/lib/modules/"
> > to your modules_install command.
> >
> Hi Bob,
> first of all thank you once again for your will to help.
> I did try adding this on all imaginable places at the modules_install
> command, to no avail. Furthermore, it seems the command is utterly
> ignored, and Linux placed the updater .ko files not on extra folder, but
> on the hostap source folder. Why it did this, is something I don't
> understand.

I use Slackware, and it "works for me".  One other thing you might try:
 use the INSTALL_MOD_DIR part with both "make modules" and with
 "make modules_install" commands.  I don't think it will really matter,
 but it doesn't cost much to try it.  Maybe it's something Ubuntu has
 changed from the vanilla kernel sources; you have extra version vs. plain, so I guess they've changed

> On the other hand, I checked the file you mention, and it indeed seems
> that only those modules outside the kernel tree should go to extra, so I
> don't understand why hostap modules are thrown there. Maybe it has to do
> with pcmcia module, I don't know.
> So, what I ended up doing was the following:
> Since running the modules_install command without the INSTALL_MOD_DIR left
> the .ko files in extra folder, I copied the .ko files from the extra
> folder to the lib/modules/*version*/kernel/drivers/net/.../hostap and that
> worked, as I wrote on an earlier post, thus:
> I made myself a script, that goes through steps
> 1) 2) and 3) (1 make modules, 2 make modules_install, 3 depmod -ae) and I
> added a line that copies the .ko files in extra folder to the one I
> mentioned earlier.

I'd do the depmod after moving/copying the *.ko files around.

> After that is done, I need to restart the system for the changes to apply.
> It's a rude method to work with, I must say, but so far it's been the one
> that has worked.

It's not too rude, and you don't have to build all modules each time.

> I might end up trying another computer, with another kernel distribution,
> and maybe there I've better luck with module handling.
> If I find problems there, I'll try asking for help here once again, and
> I'll keep giving as much information as needed.
> Thanks once again Bob. I do appreciate your effort.

You're welcome.


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