RADIUS attributes missing in accounting Stop message

Felix Brack fb
Wed Apr 4 01:27:19 PDT 2007


I am using hostAP version 0.5.7. Authentication is done by an external
RADIUS (freeradius) server, i.e. hostAP is operating as NAS.

Authentication and 95% of accounting is fine; there is just one thing
that is not working: When a client disconnects from the NAS, the
RADIUS server receives an accounting message with attribute
'Acct-Status-Type' set to 'Stop'. This is fine. What is missing in
this message are the attributes 'Acct-Input-Packets',
'Acct-Output-Packets', 'Acct-Input-Octets' and 'Acct-Output-Octets'.
Without these attributes sent with 'Account-Status-Type = Stop' it is
not possible to get accounting on the RADIUS server to work correctly.

The attributes I mentioned above that are missing when the RADIUS
server receives 'Account-Status-Type = Stop' are present in interim
update packets ('Account-Status-Type = Interim-Update') however.

Is there something I can configure in hostAP so sends the 'missing'
attributes on 'Account-Status-Type = Stop' too?

many thanks, Felix

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