Slow wireless

Greg Stark gsstark
Wed Oct 4 19:59:22 PDT 2006

"G.W. Haywood" <ged at> writes:

> Hi there,
> On Tue, 3 Oct 2006 Greg Stark wrote:
> > What I don't understand is why the laptop consistently reports the "Noise
> > level" as being only 1 dbm lower than the "Signal level". A snr of 1 seems
> > pretty bad but it's true even as the signal level jumps up and down.
> Then this has got to be either antenna, signal path (e.g. reflections)
> or dodgy electronics.  It can't be QRM (er, sorry, interference:) if
> the 'noise' strength goes up and down with the signal - unless the
> cause(s) of the interference respond(s) to your signal.  Why not take
> the equipment someplace remote (say a few miles away) and try it there?

Well I can't transport the hostap box anywhere easily. It's a full size AT

It seems just as likely to me that the noise level being reported by the
laptop card is just bogus. It's the ipw3945 chip built into a new Dell laptop.
Perhaps this driver is relatively new and doesn't report the noise level


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