Slow wireless

Bryan Kadzban bryan
Tue Oct 3 15:46:31 PDT 2006

Greg Stark wrote:
> I'm leery about using the same channel as others because they're
> 54Mbps networks and I'm 11 Mbps. Does 802.11's CSMA/CA allow a
> 802.11b station to detect a potential collision with a 802.11g
> station?

No idea.  You could try it and see if it helps.  ;-)

(Actually if you chose channel 6, you'd still be getting interference
from 11, and vice versa.  So it may not help, either.)

> I'm even skeptical about a wireless phone unless a neighbour's phone
> is off the handset and continuously sending some sort of handshake
> even when the phone line isn't in use.

I don't know how wireless phones work (at the physical layer, that is),
but I think this may be possible.

> What I don't understand is why the laptop consistently reports the
> "Noise level" as being only 1 dbm lower than the "Signal level".

I'd agree with the "try taking it somewhere remote and seeing if you get
any other results" idea that was also posted in this thread.  This does
sound suspicious to me, and taking the whole setup somewhere else would
show you whether the problem was the other signals or the hardware.
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