hostap support for my card ?

ronald rwarsow
Sun Oct 1 13:35:02 PDT 2006

Jouni Malinen wrote:
> On Sun, Oct 01, 2006 at 07:26:16PM +0200, ronald warsow wrote:
> Unfortunately, I do not have that level of detail readily available, I
> just know that it did work at some point. The easiest way of figuring
> this out could be to go through the driver_prism54.c history and then go
> to the mailing list archives at around that time. This version was not
> in the kernel tree, so one of the external releases..

okay. i'll do that !
>>> Just for AP mode?
>> no, client mode would be adequate, but i wasn't able to associate it
>> with my ap and that's my big trouble.
> OK. Client mode is going to be more difficult since that has never
> worked with fullmac to the best of my knowledge..
>> but -btw- the driver/card/firmware *is* able to do wpa, i would believe
>> it could do wpa in ap mode also. 
> I know the firmware works with WPA in AP mode. 

i read about that, but how do i do that ?
i played with it - 2 prism cards, one in ap mode ... -, but without 
success !

The problem was in
> getting client mode working with fullmac (I haven't heard of anyone
> been able to do it; ...
this makes the failure clear, but it means i'm able to setup an ap with 
wpa, but never connect a client (prism54) to that ap.

weird !
i'll try to connect with a ipw2200 to this ap.

> ... the Windows drivers are likely to use softmac for
> WPA).

i'm just trying to check if windows firmware ( will work in 
wpa/client mode under linux.
wep works.

> As far as Linux is concerned, I know that Prism54 cards can be used in
> WPA mode both in AP and client modes when using softmac firmware.
> However, I don't know whether any driver version needed for this would
> be publicly available. FullMAC firmware works with WPA in AP mode and
> this has been available for Linux. I gave up on trying to get client
> mode WPA working with FullMAC.

okay. thanks a lot.
i think what i have to figure out now is ot for the list here.


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