hostap support for my card ?

ronald warsow rwarsow
Sun Oct 1 10:26:16 PDT 2006

thanks for reply !

On Sun, 2006-10-01 at 08:30 -0700, Jouni Malinen wrote:
> On Sun, Oct 01, 2006 at 02:10:24PM +0000, ronald warsow wrote:
> > that card is able to act as an ap, but wep only.
> > and
> > this is the part from the site (just above download)
> > ...
> > Supported wireless cards/drivers
> >       * Host AP driver for Prism2/2.5/3
> >       * madwifi (Atheros ar521x)
> >       * (Prism GT/Duette/Indigo)
> _One_ version of Prism54 driver worked with hostapd. If I understood
> correctly, the version in the kernel tree may not work. This issue has
> come up before, but so far, I have not seen anyone who would be
> interested in making the driver work. 
it seems to me it's a sort of "hot iron" for developer to do so.
could it be that it has something to do with "conexant bought
intersil" ?
it looks like a "break" of driver development when this happend.
there is something a can feel/smell...
> As long as this continues, I would
> not expect much luck with the latest Prism54 drivers when tried with
> hostapd. I'll try to remember to update the hostapd web page by adding
> something along lines "used to work with a version; may not work with
> current versions".

how can i identify that *magical* version ?

i got a fullmac card 
1260:3890 (rev 01)
Subsystem: 16a5:1605

i would believe this could be the magical version. - i bought/searched
for it esp. with *this* background to be a fullmac - 

> > the driver works, but i want/need wpa.
> Just for AP mode?

no, client mode would be adequate, but i wasn't able to associate it
with my ap and that's my big trouble.

but -btw- the driver/card/firmware *is* able to do wpa, i would believe
it could do wpa in ap mode also. 
- i can't believe intersil restricted the card to do only wep mode in ap
mode as they developed the card -

> > so i came to hostap and as stated above: hostap has(???) driver support
> > for prism54 cards, but i can't get it running...
> Please note that "hostap" for me means the Prism2/Prism2.5/Prism3
> _driver_ and it most certainly does not support Prism54. hostapd is the
> user space program that supports a version of Prism54 _driver_.
> > this card is *one* of the few which is in the kernel tree, but - it
> > seems to me - without the full support of all features.
> Yes, that is seems to be the case.

and that it a shame !

> > under shitty M$ i have wpa support, under linux - again it's ~ 2 years
> > in the kernel tree - *not*.
> Does Microsoft driver for that card really support AP mode in WPA mode?

no, they spend there energies to program nice (?) looking desktops
filling up disk space and to hide what's going on below that, sometimes
for themselves also, aka. "patching the patches"...


no not ap mode in wpa mode but client mode in wpa mode !
means to me the card is able to do, but....

- if i only would understand what's all the ~36 iwpriv set commands for.
i'll try to figure it out.. -

thanks again.


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