PMKSA caching

권정호 jkwon
Thu Nov 2 20:52:29 PST 2006

Hello, all!


I?m now using AirMagnet ver. 5.0 for capturing wireless packet, and have
tested PMKSA caching based on hostapd on my laptop

Actually, I know that APs with WPA2 periodically send beacon which includes
own RSN capabilities, and if AP has cached PMKs, it includes PMKID count
and lists below RSN capabilities.

Are PMK and PMKID automatically stored in a cache if a mobile node first
associates with an AP supporting WPA2?

If so, is it correct that when the AP has PMKs and PMKIDs in its cache, the
AP sends beacon including PMKID lists?


However, I haven?t seen the PMK list in beacons of the AP. I don?t? know
exactly how to configure only PMKSA caching function, not pre-


Please tell me how to fix it.


Thank you in advance. 

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