Key Caching & Pre-authentication

권정호 jkwon
Thu Nov 2 17:02:45 PST 2006

Hello, all!


Actually, I know that APs supporting WPA2 can only use key caching or/and
pre-authentication for fast roaming, right?

So I purchased APs(D-LINK DWL G700AP) supporting WPA2, and have tested fast
roaming in my wireless network infrastructure.

However, I couldn?t because there is no configuration modes for enabling
IEEE 802.11i fast roaming options as key caching or/and pre-authentication
on my APs.

Recently, I read the article on the Internet web site. There indicates that
?If you?d like to use PMK caching, you?ll probably need a wireless
switch that supports PMK caching on behalf of paired APs, and look
carefully at any AP vendor?s requirements for WPA2 features - don?t just
assume that ?AES? in a product?s spec list implies WPA2 compliance or
support for options like Pre-authentication.?

I think it means in order to use Key caching or/and Pre-authentication, the
specific vendor equipment like wireless switch, not general paired APs,
must be necessary.


Is it clear? Or are there other methods for using fast roaming as key
caching or pre-authentication without wireless switch?

Please, reply to my question ASAP.


Thanks you in advance

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