Is wifi0 (and not wlan0) in charge of the stablishing the queuing disciplines on the interface?

Jouni Malinen jkmaline
Tue Jul 25 21:05:11 PDT 2006

On Fri, Jul 21, 2006 at 01:08:34PM +0200, silvia lafuente wrote:

> So the question is, what is the role of the master interface wifi0? What is it in charge of? In the FAQ says, ignore wifi0 and use wlan0, but in 
> this case it didn't work that way for PRIO queuing.

Only the master interface has qdisc queues and you have identified one
of the exceptions where the master interface needs to be used instead of
wlan0.. wlan0 is just a virtual interface that sets it queue length to
zero and queues outgoing packets to the wifi0 queue. Because of this,
most queueing discipline configuration must be done on wifi0.

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