Is wifi0 (and not wlan0) in charge of the stablishing the queuing disciplines on the interface?

silvia lafuente slafuente
Fri Jul 21 04:08:34 PDT 2006

Hi everybody, 
Our problem with hostAP virtual interface (wlan0), and the master radio (wifi0) is quite particular. Usually you have to use wlan0
as I read in the FAQ[6]*checkout*/hostap/FAQ?rev=HEAD&content-type=text/plain <*checkout*/hostap/FAQ?rev=HEAD&content-type=text/plain>
But here is the situation:
We are using queuing disciplines on wireless interfaces to differeciate services (DiffServ), mainly PRIO (to priorize a type of service above the rest)
and HTB (to establish a hierarchy of importance between the services). 
We use the tc command for configuration. 
First we started studying the performance with no queuing discipline (we call it DEFAULT), and after that, we've used PRIO and HTB.
As it turns, the HTB works fine when you configure the behavior on wlan0, but for days the PRIO didn't work. The behavior of the PRIO on wlan0 
was the same as de DEFAULT behavior. Only when we set the queuing discipline on wifi0 instead of setting it on wlan0 the PRIO worked.
So the question is, what is the role of the master interface wifi0? What is it in charge of? In the FAQ says, ignore wifi0 and use wlan0, but in 
this case it didn't work that way for PRIO queuing.



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