hostapd(cvs) & madwifi(cvs)

Steve st3v3
Thu Nov 25 10:07:57 PST 2004

Hi Gunther
Thanks for replying.
I do understand that for atheros based cards you need the madwifi
driver. I would like to use the 802.1x authenticator from hostapd on my
atheros card AND on the prism card with the hostap-driver. Two radios as
two APs. 
Currently I have the prism card successfully working with hostapd and
802.1x. Im looking now to get the same functionality on the other radio
(i,e the atheros card with 5212 silicon).

I can confirm that the drive_madwifi.c does compile.
I have the ath_hal and ath_pci loaded.
I also have wlan and wlan_xauth loaded. I dont have wlan_crypt_tkip
loaded however I thought wlan_xauth from madwifi allowed the use of an
external authenticator. i.e hostapd??

I currently have the .config file in hostapd with
and an additional include path for my kernel source.

I also have the hostapd.conf file for the madwifi. 
802.1x EAP/TLS does work from the the prism card so other than
driver=madwifi.,bridge=br0 and the interface name (ath0) they are the

Am I right in thinking that the combination of hostapd & madwifi with
802.1x EAP/TLS authentication does require WE18?


> You don't need hostap-driver for atheros based cards. You need madwifi
> driver and hostapd! You have to enable madwifi support in hostapd. Its
> documented in the readme file. Be sure that all madwifi modules are
> loaded (ath_hal, ath_pci, wlan, wlan_crypt_tkip, ...). On some
> plattforms autoload of crypt modules doesn't work.
> regards
> gunter
Steve <st3v3 at>

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