hostapd(cvs) & madwifi(cvs)

Gunter Burchardt gbur
Thu Nov 25 09:00:49 PST 2004

> Hi all
> Im trying to get hostapd(cvs) to run with madwifi(cvs)
> on one radio and also hostap-driver on another radio.
> Im trying to get 802.1x EAP/TLS to work with madwifi.
> I belive I am missing some fundamental IOCTL calls to
> get this to work correctly. Im using 2.4.28 with
> Wireless Extensions 16.
> In order to get the missing IOCTL calls I belive I
> need to get WE18 working.
> I have tried to copy wireless.h(v18) and iw_handler.h
> (v6) replacing those in the kernel. But have run into
> some problems doing it this way.
> The hostap driver file hostap.c(line 930) in
> driver/modules refers to dev->wiresless_data from the
> linux/netdevices.h file. If WE greater than 16. The
> definiton of wireless_data I cant find anywhere in any
> flavour of the linux kernel. :( not even in the 2.6.x
> kernel tree or in a WE patch.
> Please correct me if I have mis-understood the
> interaction between hostap-driver/hostapd/madwifi and
> WE18.
> Does anyone have a patch for WE18 on 2.4.28??
> I do understand that WE17 & WE18 have not been
> released yet.
> Am i missing something?

You don't need hostap-driver for atheros based cards. You need madwifi
driver and hostapd! You have to enable madwifi support in hostapd. Its
documented in the readme file. Be sure that all madwifi modules are
loaded (ath_hal, ath_pci, wlan, wlan_crypt_tkip, ...). On some
plattforms autoload of crypt modules doesn't work.


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