Hold scan results for a period of time

Jouni Malinen jkmaline
Wed Nov 24 07:24:52 PST 2004

On Wed, Nov 24, 2004 at 05:42:36PM +0800, COFM wrote:

> If i command "# iwlist wlan0 scanning", i can get the scanning results from 
> the monitor.

> If AP1 is alive at time1, but inactive at time2. Thus i can't get the 
> information about AP1 finally.
> When i need to do roaming, i want to refer the previous information.
> How can i hold the scan results for a period of time?

Why would you like to use information about AP that is not "active" when
selecting roaming target?

However, if you mean that the firmware scan missed an AP that is still
active and in range at time2, you might want to test the current
development snapshot. I modified scanning code couple of days ago to use
the in-driver BSS list to fill in missing APs when reporting scan
results. This requires new STA f/w (1.7.x or newer) and WPA enabled
(e.g., when running wpa_supplicant). This BSS list has somewhat longer
lifetime, so couple of missed packets should not make an AP disappear
from the scan results.

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