Adding generic Information Elements

Peter De Cleyn peter.decleyn
Wed Nov 24 02:20:57 PST 2004

Hi list,

I would like to add some own Information Elements (IE) to the
association request and response messages.

A search here and some browsing through the code showed me that
something similar is done when using WPA, (using
prism2_ioctl_set_generic_elment etc) but I still have some questions.

* How do you define where you want to add the new IE (e.g. beacon
frame, asso req, asso res)
* When should this be set: if the IE does not change once or every
time a certain frame is sent
* Is there a performance penalty setting the IE e.g. does one need to
reset the card or something to commit the changes to the firmware.

I understand that in the end a call to hfa384x_set_rid with
HFA384X_RID_GENERICELEMENT is issued. Is there any documentation about
the use of RIDs. If its in the  prism2 driver programmers manual, cold
you please give me some references inside this document as I don't
seem to find what I'm looking for.

These questions might be trivial to you, but I'm quite new to the
field so I could really appreciate some answers.

thanks a lot for reading and hopefully answering these questions!


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