understanding the code.

Gunter Burchardt gbur
Sat Nov 20 00:10:41 PST 2004

On 2004-11-19 - 20:54:37, leonardo wrote:

> I need to understand if I interpreted the code in a correct way: when a
> frame is received it is handled by handle_frame(), if it's a data packet
> it passes through handle_data() and then, if it's a EAP packet it goes to
> ieee802_1x_receive(). If it's a EAPOL packet it will interfere with EAPOL
> state machine, otherwise if it's a EAP packet we have to forward it to
> RADIUS right? 
> something I don't understand it's why it handle just "eap response"
> packet and not every EAP packet, then in handle_eap_response() I can't see
> how that packet is treated, there's no direct call to any radius function.
> is it handled by the state machine in the main loop?
EAPOL is EAP over LAN. Each packet for authentication is sent over this
protocol - so each EAPOL packet received from a station influence eapol
state machine! The state machine decides what to do (eg. sending
something to radius server).

Communication with radius server is task of Backend Authentication state
machine (BE_AUTH). An answer of the radius server is sent with txReq()
alias ieee802_1x_tx_req() to the station.

Jouni correct me if im wrong.

> I'm writing some informal documentation about the code, when it become
> something readable I will publish it

Look at developer.txt .


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