understanding the code.

leonardo billtorvalds1
Fri Nov 19 11:54:37 PST 2004

hi all..
I'm reviewing hostapd code for a university project, we have to study a
new form of authentication in ad-hoc wlan and I have to integrate it with
I need to understand if I interpreted the code in a correct way: when a
frame is received it is handled by handle_frame(), if it's a data packet
it passes through handle_data() and then, if it's a EAP packet it goes to
ieee802_1x_receive(). If it's a EAPOL packet it will interfere with EAPOL
state machine, otherwise if it's a EAP packet we have to forward it to
RADIUS right? 

something I don't understand it's why it handle just "eap response"
packet and not every EAP packet, then in handle_eap_response() I can't see
how that packet is treated, there's no direct call to any radius function.
is it handled by the state machine in the main loop?

I'm writing some informal documentation about the code, when it become
something readable I will publish it


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