Lucent cards

Mr. The Plague mrtheplague
Fri Nov 19 08:58:25 PST 2004

It's not *supposed* to work, but it *might* work in client mode,
because the designs were originally very similar (or so i heard). I'd
recommend running HermesAP if you need the AP functionality, or the
regular Orinoco driver if you don't. Running hostap on hermes cards
and the orinoco driver on prism2 cards is a last measure to get basic
functionality for a while, and isn't supported or recommended.

On Wed, 17 Nov 2004 18:42:18 +0100, capacity77 at <capacity77 at> wrote:
> after a long research I found that HostAP may work with Lucent based cards
> too.
> I have a Lucent based card, is it true that I can make hostap run with this
> card?
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