HostAP mode in HostAP driver 0.1.3 v/s 0.2.4

Gargi D gargid
Fri Nov 19 06:28:55 PST 2004


I have a 802.11b PCMCIA card from US Robotics with STA f/w : 0.7.6.

The card works in HostAP mode with HostAP driver version 0.1.3.  However with upgraded driver 0.2.4 there are some problems.  The led on card blinks, hostap gets loaded and wireless tools indicate that the card is in master mode however a client is not able to associate with it.  

When I checked in ethereal, when the card works with HostAP driver 0.2.4 the capability information in the beacon indicates that the card is in IBSS mode.  Strangely enough when the same card is made to work with HostAP driver 0.1.3 the capability information changes to indicate that the card is now in AP mode and now clients can associate with it.

Since beacons are any way generated by firmware, how is the behavior changing with different driver versions of HostAP?

Any explanations?


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