AW: Busy bit cleared, 5v override not working

Starkeeper starkeeper
Sun Jul 25 13:49:53 PDT 2004

> Compaq WL110 is indeed Orinoco card. I don't know how you get that
> identtification from it, though. Anyway, don't expect prism2_srec and
> Host AP driver to work correctly with that card.
> > I am very confused about what chip is on that card, is there a safe
> > to find this out? Normally it uses the orinoco_cs module.
> How safe a method do you want? If you really want to know and don't
> trust on it not being Prism2/2.5/3, just open up the card and find the
> largest chip.. It has ISL* or HFA* text on it if it is Prism2.. ;-)

Ok, I am sure that my card has a Orinoco chip and is not based on HFA* or
something. I have flashed a PDA to another working Card of the same type
with the DOS flash tool. This tool is from Intersil for Prism Cards. But You
can Read and Flash PDA and Firmware for Orinoco Cards too. So I got confused
and came over many websites to hostap. The possibility that prism2_srec
would not work with my card don't came to my mind.

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