Busy bit cleared, 5v override not working

Starkeeper starkeeper
Sun Jul 25 08:29:52 PDT 2004

> Let me repeat again. I NEVER, EVER used genesis mode.
> Which part of that sentence is not clear to you?
> I have two options:
> 1) do not answer to mail like yours at all, or
> 2) try to suggest at least something useful
> Regarding "what file to write": most probably
> primary firmware, secondary firmware and PDA.
> I actually used PDA-related options:
> -D dumps PDA, -P flashes it.
> This is how I flash secondary firmware and pda:
> prism2_srec -D wlan0 >pda
> prism2_srec -vvf wlan0 sf010800.hex -P pda
> Regarding -d option problem. You can look into source
> code of prism_srec and find out what it is doing, and how.
> (for me, it looks like it is converting text SREC files
> you supply on the command line into binary prism2_srec.dump
> file).
> --
> vda

Maybe you have not read my last post very careful, I was not talking about
genesis anymore. But however its nice that you try to help me. The matter
why I am keep on posting at this list, is that I thought there were some
more people reading and writing except you.

My problem with that solution is that I have to specify a device for
prism2_srec operations. At the moment I am not able to write a CIS onto my
Card without a working one on it. Without the working CIS my Card ist not
recognized correct by hostap, and no module is loaded, so no device is
created. My question was and is, is there a way wich knows anyone here?

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