VCC_mismatch: VCC_ignore NOT working!!Help

Jouni Malinen jkmaline
Sun Jul 25 07:58:34 PDT 2004

On Sun, Jul 25, 2004 at 07:58:58AM +0000, gaurav dawra wrote:

> load it on a *PC104* module with PCMIA adpater on it.  Well bridge from 
> ISA/PCMCIA has been detected and that adapter working fine with orinoco 
> drivers but has some issues with hostap_cs driver. well i understand a bit 

> I am using i82365 and ds module. I also tried to load the card with this 
> "ignore_cis_vcc=1"
> # Optional configuration parameters for hostap_cs.o
> # module "hostap_cs" opts "channel=3 iw_mode=3 essid=test ignore_cis_vcc=1"
> But it is still not working, well looking at 'dmesg' suggest that there is 
> a clear VCC mismatch but why the vcc_ignore not working.

How about sending that 'dmesg' output, too?

> hostap_cs should ignore the vcc and load the services. The socket does 
> support, "compaq WL110" based on hermes chipset and work with 'orinoco_cs.o 
> '  which is a 5.0 V card. But it does not work with hostap_cs with Senao 
> Card. Why is VCC ignore not working?

This is confusing.. Did you or did you not use the _same_ card with
orinoco_cs.o when you mentioned above that the adapter was working? In
other words, have been able to use any 3.3V card on this board with any

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