AW: Busy bit cleared, 5v override not working

Starkeeper starkeeper
Sun Jul 25 00:30:42 PDT 2004

>  > On Saturday 24 July 2004 22:59, Starkeeper wrote:
>  > Hi,
> > I am trying to rescue my WLan-Card. After a crashed CIS-Update my card
> > no more useable. I tried to flash with different DOS Flash programs, but
> > had no luck. Sometimes I get the Busy Bit get never cleared error, the
> > flash program crashes with: First error at 0x40: expected e055, read e6.
> >
> > On this mailinglist have been many posts about the genesis mode and how
> > enable it. The solution seems to be, to connect Pin 62 (of the PCMCIA
> (SPKR) with 5v. I did this and nothing happend, no change of status or any
> > reaction from the flash program.
> > > To understand this I opened my PCMCIA Card. The debacle was perfect,
as I
> saw that the Pin 62 is not used on my Card. The Pin is there but it is not
> > soldered to anything.
> I never used Genesis mode, but AFAIK you can save your card
> using latest hoastap driver and its prism_srec utility.
> I don't remember posts about success with Genesis mode
> with DOS programs.
> Search the archives.

The Card has no CIS on it, so that linux don't know wich module needs to be
loaded. I think to fix this problem I need to flash a initial Firmware. This
firmware is only flashable in genesis mode. prism_srec utility needs a
.hex-file to flash where can I get this? Or how to dump this file from a
working Wlan-Card?

> > In the Hardware specification of the HFA3841-Chip, wich is normaly used,
> > stands the 5v conclusion to enter genesis mode. But for the HFA3842-Chip
> > seems no Hardware modification needful. If I understood the text correct
> > then I only have to write some data to specific adresses on the chip.
> >
> > My question is now, how can I find out what chip is used on my Card?
It's a
> > HP-WL150 (Compaq WL110). And Is here anybody who has experience with the
> > HFA3842-Chip?

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