Busy bit cleared, 5v override not working

Starkeeper starkeeper
Sat Jul 24 12:59:23 PDT 2004

I am trying to rescue my WLan-Card. After a crashed CIS-Update my card is no
more useable. I tried to flash with different DOS Flash programs, but I had
no luck. Sometimes I get the Busy Bit get never cleared error, the flash
program crashes with: First error at 0x40: expected e055, read e6.

On this mailinglist have been many posts about the genesis mode and how to
enable it. The solution seems to be, to connect Pin 62 (of the PCMCIA Card)
(SPKR) with 5v. I did this and nothing happend, no change of status or any
reaction from the flash program.
To understand this I opened my PCMCIA Card. The debacle was perfect, as I
saw that the Pin 62 is not used on my Card. The Pin is there but it is not
soldered to anything.

In the Hardware specification of the HFA3841-Chip, wich is normaly used,
stands the 5v conclusion to enter genesis mode. But for the HFA3842-Chip
seems no Hardware modification needful. If I understood the text correct
then I only have to write some data to specific adresses on the chip.

My question is now, how can I find out what chip is used on my Card? It's a
HP-WL150 (Compaq WL110). And Is here anybody who has experience with the


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