broadcom MIPS driver

Nikki Chumakov nikki
Fri Jul 23 05:27:33 PDT 2004


There are a family of wireless routers based on broadcom MIPS chipsets. 
To name a few it is Linksys WRT54G(S), ASUS WL-500G(X) and so on.

I have ported wpa_supplicant to this architecture. The patch agains 
wpa_supplicant-0.2.4 is available from

This port was sucessfully tested with OpenWRT and Sveasoft firmwares.

I'm asking to integrate it into future wpa_supplicant versions.

I also have to give a note on this patch. By default broadcom based 
routers used to aggregate wileress and ethernet interfaces into linux 
software bridge (br0, brctl, ...). It was not sufficient to write only 
driver_wrt54.c to support this configuration. I had to change 
wpa_supplicant.c as well and the changes may possible affect other 
drivers. In particulary had to add interface_name prarameter to 
driver->events_init. I tried to isolate my changes with #ifdef's as much 
as it possible.

Also, to be able to compile driver_wrt54.c, one need to copy 
release/src/include directory from the wrt54 firmware source 
distribution which is available from

I am not including these files because it copyrighted by Broadcom and 
I'm not sure if it may lead to copyright violations or not. Usually 
people who building the custom programs for WRT54G already have firmware 
source base installed, so here is no real problem.


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