Update for firmware

Pavel Roskin proski
Mon Jul 19 09:35:09 PDT 2004

On Fri, 16 Jul 2004, [iso-8859-1] C?sar Reyes wrote:

> I'am using a TrendNet TEW-16PC to test HostAP driver. I succeed loading it, 
> but first i have to add tnhe lines of Id. to hostap_cs.conf.

You didn't specify what exactly you had to add.  Search for "TEW-16PC" on 
Google doesn't return anything useful.  Maybe you mistyped the model name.

> When I load it the dmesg tells me that the card has a NIC Id. 0x8000, a 
> primary firmware v0.3.0 and a station firmware 0.8.0.

It's better to quote messages exactly than to rephrase them.

> I look on Jun Sun's home page for updates of these firmwares but he 
> doesn?t have any.

I've checked my collection and I don't see any firmware for NICID 0x8000 

> - Are there updates for this NIC and firmwares??

I have no idea.

> - Is the 0x8000 NIC a PrismI card and no Prism2?? If so, how I could load the 
> driver and make it work in master mode?

I believe NICID 0x8000 is Prism2.  At least it uses the same MAC chip 
HFA3841, according to http://home.eunet.cz/jt/wifi/Download.pdf

It's possible that you have broken PDA with incorrect NICID.  You could 
use the "-i" option to prism2_srec for force loading RAM firmware for 
NICID 0x8002 and newer (firmware name beginning with "r1").

You didn't quote the error reported by HostAP when using 0.8.0 firmware, 
so I cannot comment whether you can use the card in Master mode.  Of 
course newer firmware would be better, but if you cannot load it, try 
whatever you have.

Pavel Roskin

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